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Nigel Atkinson works from his studios in north west London and the rural community of the south of France.
His work spans the mediums of drawing, painting, photography, textile and fibre.
From his background at Portsmouth and Winchester Schools of Art, he specialises in textiles and has 30 years experience in hand processes of screen printing, weaving, embroidery, dyeing and working with craftsmen from England, Italy, France, India, Nepal, Japan and more recently Mexico.


This website umbrellas Nigel Atkinson creative and professional output


Music has always been a passion for me and a great source of inspiration. I chose to make musical analogies for the structure and navigation of the website as a way to invite imaginative connections and to avoid compartmentalization.

Prelude: Opening images, about, website description, contents index and navigation

Variations on a theme: An invitation to look at themes independent of category; paintings, drawings, textile and photography.

Compositions: Collections of Artworks in Paint, Fibre, Paper and 3 dimensions.

Studies: Drawings, sketches, books, photos, words, inquiries.

Movements: Video, moving image

Moments: Photography, portrait, still image.

Threads: Textile Collections; Screen Printed, Heat embossed, Hand woven, and Embroidered Fabrics to order.